Mobivox launches iNum follow-me service

Mobivox has leveraged their Voice Activated Mobile Services Platform to provide a new and interesting follow-me type of service.

Mobivox subscribers can now get an iNum and have the calls directed to any of their phones (home, mobile, office, etc) on a reverse charge basis.

Optionally, each call is announced with the name of the caller and associated costs before the subscriber accepts the call. Callers can also be restricted to only those within the subscriber’s  address book. Voice activated commands from any phone are used to change iNum forwarding rules at anytime.

This value added service gives subscribers a global presence while giving them control over when, who and where they want to be reachable.

The service also allows one to store the iNum number for each of his/her contacts in a voice activated address book. This enhances the overall experience of calling an iNum number because Instead of dialing all the digits it’s enough to just speak out the name of the contact.

For more information on this service go to

Create iNum based apps using Voxeo

As of today, every application developed using the Voxeo Evolution portal will automatically be assigned an iNum, as explained here.

Developers can now iNum-enable their existing voice applications, or create new applications for the whole iNum community. We will be happy to review and/or promote these applications therefore don’t hesitate to inform us when a new inum based app comes out.

Congrats to Dan York and the Voxeo team, this is great suff !

iNum beta launches


After two years of preparation, we are extremely happy to finally launch iNum.

Thanks to everyone at Voxbone for pulling this through, thanks to Sheldon Renan and Lee Dryburgh for their support, and finally thanks to all founding partners for believing in iNum so early on.

There’s a lot more to come in the next several weeks, but this is a great start.
Stay tuned to our blog !