eComm in 5 weeks!

We unveiled inum at the first eComm conference, almost one year ago. iNum was still in preparation at that time, and a lot has happened since then.

The second edition of eComm is taking place in San Francisco, March 03-05. eComm is the most cutting-edge event for everyone involved in communications innovation. Lee Dryburgh has once again prepared an amazing schedule.

Some exciting iNum news will be announced during this conference, so come and join us!


Telme ships every AirGate with an iNum

Telme today announced that every AirGate device is being shipped with an iNum. All AirGate users are now part of the iNum community and can therefore make and receive free iNum calls.

The AirGate device is an internet-sharing  wifi router with VoIP interface. AirGate lets the user share his internet access, place and receive calls, and access other Telme services. More info on