Truphone brings free iNum calling to the iPhone

If you use Truphone on your iPod touch or iPhone you already have an iNum number, because as soon as you signup for Truphone you will automatically be assigned your inum.

Now you can also make free calls to any inum number from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply install the Truphone software and start making your calls as you would dial any other phone number.

If you are unsure what your Truphone-assigned inum is, simply email Truphone Customer Services on: customer.service AT

Mobile HD and the promise of video

Next week Jeff Pulver’s HD Communications Summit will be hosted by Orange at their R&D Center in Paris. We’re very excited to find out what other telcos are working on as the HD momentum grows.

Over the next few years, the mobile industry is likely to face some competition from city-wide wireless broadband and new carriers springing up to take them on in their own space. For the carriers, the move towards next-generation broadband with technologies like LTE and WiMAX make streaming HD video to mobile handsets an attractive proposition. 3G video can be great if it’s all you’ve got, but a confused mess of a blur is often what you see. Given the quality on my laptop using Skype is super-awesome… it doesn’t help me believe in the future of HD video on handsets.

– What’s the purpose ? I only use video when I sit down and talk to someone… they have WiFi there!

or maybe:

– I don’t use video! What an awful idea!

Clearly, WiFi is a much cheaper alternative to current mobile data plans. But with mobile HD voice and video, you’re on the go with your contacts, with a bright high-definition touchscreen display. The warm fuzzy next-door feeling you have with Skype.

For those, like me, with an allergy to video: it is not only human connectivity that you can benefit from. Applications living in the cloud can receive and deliver, process, interpolate, and create streaming video. This creates a wealth of possibilities once it is accessible to a large community.