New Rebtel iPhone app makes iNums a one-click call

Pleased to share news today that Rebtel has launched a new iPhone application that will facilitate calling iNum numbers for their customers.  Rebtel enables a one-click call by allowing users to generate a local phone number that will map to an iNum for any contact in their address book directly from their handset. As a result, people will be able to call iNums – with no access number or PIN to remember – by clicking on a contact icon from over 50 countries for the cost of a local call.

“Here at Rebtel, we immediately bought into Voxbone’s concept of an ‘area code for Earth,’ as it clearly matches our own vision of making all phone calls local, turning the world into a friendlier place and bringing people closer together,” commented Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel. “We’re proud to be an active member of the iNum community and to be providing a hassle-free way of dialing an iNum for the cost of a local call.”

Get a portable iNum with Localphone

Localphone already provides incoming phone numbers from 45 countries, and charges a monthly fee per number for this service. You can take your local phone number anywhere with you, by forwarding the incoming calls to your existing landline or mobile, your VoIP account, or your voicemail.

Now you can also get a free inum number from Localphone and benefit from all the features that come with the other DID numbers, such as:

– forwarding calls received on your iNum to your existing mobile or landline

– receiving calls on your PC, laptop or VoIP-enabled device

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