Digit short cut

iNum – “One number for the world” – has a beautifully simple ring to it, but some iNum users have shared the well intentioned observation that its actually 15 numbers!

Well, here is a tip for sparing your digits when using the network of iNum Access Numbers: Once you reach the voice prompt, leave out the the +883 510 and just dial the 0-xxxx-xxxx.

This will result in the full number 8835100-xxxx-xxxx being called.

——UPDATE:  VoIP expert and iNum user Jeff Bourgeois recently posted additional speed-dialing suggestions for calling iNums for those using Cisco/Linksys IP Phones & ATA and Callcentric services, including a 2-digit method.  Check out his blog for the details.  Thanks Jeff!

Google adds Gmail support for web-to-phone calling

Gmail team announced today they will support phone calls from within the Gmail web interface.

We did a few test calls to see if iNum was supported and if it would be free or paid, but it appears the A-Z termination providers they are using for this service are not yet connected with the project.

Its only “Day One” however, and we hope to work with Google to integrate free iNum calling into the new service soon.

Meanwhile, you can still add iNum numbers in the format 8835100xxxxxxxx@inum.net as contacts and call them from Gmail for free!