ENUM for iNum

The iNum project is now testing ENUM features for iNum numbers. The entire iNum number ranges are registered within the e164.arpa ENUM directory.  You can read more about the RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens)  working group on e.164 number mapping here. The test is intended to experiment with enabling more carriers and service providers to route +883 calls to iNum providers for free.

To quickly test it, enter an iNum number into this handy site,  for example .  Its also now possible to directly call any iNums via SIP ( sip:+8835100XXXXXXXX@inum.net).

What about security and SPIT prevention?  Well, as part of this trial, callers coming in via these features will have to pass an audio Turing test.  Its kind of tricky, so have a notepad handy when you try it, write down the code and enter it in after its been read entirely.  Additionally, there is an opt-out method for iNum providers that don’t want to accept iNum in calls from ENUM.

Please give it a try and let us know your feedback.