Video calls from iNum to iNum

Did you know that you can make video telephony calls to iNum numbers?  The iNum Project’s SIP infrastructure provides signaling as its default setting, and if you are calling from iNum to iNum, and both sides of the call are on service provider networks that support the compatible video codecs, then media will be point to point.

What is the advantage of using iNums for video telephony?  Many in the industry have expressed a wish for an e.164 based identification system for point to point video.  SIP URI and proprietary naming systems don’t offer the same flexibility as telephone numbers. Traditional telephone numbers on the other hand may not be able to support advanced IP services like video.  INum solves this by providing an e.164 number designed for IP Communications.

The iNum project team would like to invite interested Video Telephony providers, Campus and Enterprise networks to work with us to test these features, distribute free iNum numbers to their clients, and create case studies that will move point to point video telephony to new levels of adoption.