Calling all iNum Ambassadors

Act Locally, Talk Globally

iNum, the global area code for the Internet needs  ”Ambassadors” in all regions of the world to proactively encourage and educate their own local service providers and carriers to route +883 calls correctly.

As an iNum Ambassador you will contribute your ideas as a volunteer to improve the initiative, and share your experiences with a growing community of  IP Communications enthusiasts.

How can you get started?   First of all, please start by registering and using the Ambassador section of the iNum forum, which is segmented geographically.

What kind of help can you contribute?   Initially we want to just give the already active informal community of iNum supporters a bit more structure.

An example:
Your local mobile company does not yet support voice or SMS to iNum, or  is overcharging for it.   The best way to fix this is for the local customers to communicate directly with their provider.  You can let them know that they can get free termination to the iNum range, and what you want as a customer of their service.   Then post this action on the forum, including the response from your service provider in the correct regional category.   Let other people know about it on twitter with #inumambassador tags.  Get your friends and the community involved.

Just remember to please be diplomatic at all times!

ENUM for iNum Update

Based on customer and community feedback, the iNum initiative phased out the  audio Turing test on the public ENUM calling method that occurred on the first inbound ENUM call, and periodic calls thereafter.

While we remain concerned in general about being able to monitor and prevent SPIT nuisance calls in a free calling environment, there were no indications of any such problems, and the test was simply too acoustically challenging.

There are still methods for individual iNum providers to control ENUM inbound calling, and even block it entirely, if there is such a requirement.

So with this change it will be much easier for those with ordinary human hearing capabilities to enjoy free calls to iNum numbers via ENUM.  For any non-humans interested in audio challenges, there is always this band.

ippi offering iNums

ippi LogoThis week ippi, a leading VoIP provider based in France, and Voxbone announced that ippi  will be offering iNum numbers to its over 150,000 clients.   This is great news for the iNum community, which we hope will be enjoyed by the many ippi subscribers around the world.

A special aspect of their approach is that they are proactively assigning the iNum numbers to all existing and new customers.  So all you have to do is register and your account is set to go.

Note to new ippi subscribers, after you register – look under “my numbers” and you’ll see your iNum there.

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