iNum @ VoIP Users Conference

Thanks to the VoIP Users Conference (VUC)  organizers for inviting us to speak about how iNum can be of value to the VoIP Users Community during tomorrow’s installment of their weekly discussion.

ZipDX provides the conference bridge for the call with an iNum dial-in (+883 5100 123 94882) as well as regular PSTN and SIP URI options.  For those that can’t tune in, the VUC session will be  posted later as a pod-cast.

iNum in 2011 with Voxbone

January 21st at 12 Noon EST

iNum stands for international Number and is an initiative managed by Voxbone to develop an area code for IP Communications within the +883 global country code created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) started in 2008.  This will be an update to the earlier visit to the VUC made by iNum team members in January 2009.  Hugh Goldstein, Director of iNum Business Development will share current information and plans for 2011 and how VoIP users can leverage and support the iNum initiative in their own businesses and as individuals. Note that iNum supports voice, SMS and advanced multi-media services.

Telephone Numbers in an IP World at PTC

Rod Ullens, CEO of Voxbone will be leading a round-table on the “Future of Telephone Numbers in an IP World” at the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conference in Honolulu, Hawaii this Sunday from 15:30 – 17:00.   Should be a great discussion and highly relevant to iNum.  The panel perspectives will include:

  • John Curran, President & CEO, American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), USA
  • Jason  Kempson, Director, Sales & Account Management, Neustar, USA
  • Vincent Paquet, Senior Product Manager, Google Voice, USA

The phone number is the most connected identifier, with a reach of 6 billion-plus people, and is the only one being regulated by governments. Yet people communicate using a combination of identifiers, due to convenience, cost and personal choice. As the PSTN and Internet are slowly merging, new relationships are being built with incumbent telcos and with VoIP, next-generation and mobile network operators to serve this customer need.

In the session, panelists will address the future of communications identifiers, the challenges providers of these identifiers face, and how this will affect telecom operators.

Some of the questions that will be addressed:

  • What will people use as their main identifiers for this connected life? A phone number? A Skype ID? A Facebook ID? Everything together?
  • What about enterprises and unified communications?
  • What about IP addresses?
  • How does the Internet coming to mobile phones affect telcos?
  • What about mobile payments and related identifiers ?
  • What impact will governments have on IP-based communications identifiers?

New iNum Access Number for Newfoundland

If you are in St. John’s,  Canada, you can now dial +1 (709) 757- 0060 to reach an iNum number.  We welcome your suggestions on future additions to the list, especially via the iNum Forum, but there are limitations such as DID availability and regulatory factors from country to country.

For some tips on making use of the existing 66 access numbers in 45 countries (they are listed under Voice Reach ) , please check out this recent post by CQVoIP.