United Nations +888 Country Code

Voxbone has been selected based on its experience with International numbering, but especially the iNum Initiative to manage and facilitate the United Nations +888 country code.

Similar to the iNum Initiative, the +888 country code was assigned by the ITU to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to enable emergency communications networks, and will allow the UN to assign specific numbers to agencies providing humanitarian relief.

This new code will be an important part of the UN’s communications during future relief efforts.  We now need the major fixed and mobile operators to provide affordable and ubiquitous routing to the UN +888 numbers as well as the Voxbone iNum range in +883.  All iNum providers will be able to provide calling the UN +888 range.

T-mobile USA supports SMS to iNums

Recently we tweeted that t-Mobile USA (in addition to Sprint, and others previously shared) now supports SMS to iNum.  The cost is $0.20 per message.

Thanks to a range of agreements, SMS to iNum should work from all major mobile providers.

( T-mobile does not yet support voice calls to iNum but we hope to remedy that soon! )

What does your mobile carrier charge for SMS?

Please let us know via comments to the blog or replies on the iNum forum. For instructions on testing SMS, please see this earlier post.

Of course, you will need the permission to call or text to International destinations in the first place, which in the US often requires an upgrade to the account.  Please check with your provider for details, and don’t forget to ask them to support iNum…preferably at local call/texting rates!