iNum provider profile:

Today’s iNum provider profile is, a new member of the iNum community. Svanto was founded by Sven Antonissen, who we had the opportunity to chat with via Email:

How did get started?

I’m into VoIP since 2003, starting with the Alcatel-Lucent PBXs. We have implemented site to site VoIP via different MPLS solutions. I also started working at Belgacom (Belgian Telecom Operator) where I had the opportunity to grow and learn how to operator a public network. evolved out of that job. I found that Belgacom (as a traditional operator) was not giving the full service. There was a need for small operators who give their customers what they want at a low-cost price. Traditional networks (PSTN) are less cost sufficient than the new VoIP networks.  There is no longer a need to maintain a large analog network.  Sure you still need your cables, but as the technologies evolve, they are becoming less and less expensive.  So why not pass on to the consumers the cost savings the operators are experiencing.  There is no justification for high prices while the world is in an economic crises.

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