Sonetel to Give All Customers iNum® Numbers

Hello Voip users!  Great news! Sonetel, a Swedish VoIP provider with users in more than 200 countries, has begun giving all of its subscribers free iNum® numbers from Voxbone.  How does this affect you the consumer?  By doing this, we hope this will give iNum a boost of recognition to teleco’s everywhere, allowing you to call your iNum number from more networks.

Sonetel offers a free hosted PBX solution that is particularly popular with small and medium businesses (SMBs) in price-sensitive regions, such as Africa and Asia. The company then upsells those customers on call termination and Voxbone-provided premium origination services. Together, Sonetel and Voxbone help business owners cost-effectively add local phone numbers, as well as launch virtual offices in any country where they see a market opportunity.

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iNum / Voxbone welcomes you to ITW!

Come visit the Voxbone team at ITW in Chicago. Voxbone will have personnel in booth #1300.   We hope to connect the hundreds of mobile operators and carriers attending to the UN +888 network and of course to the +883 iNum network as well.  If you want to support this effort and won’t be at ITW, please email us at to get the process started!


We look forward to seeing you at the the expo in Chicago May 14 – 16.  Click here for more info.


Google/Skype/Voxbone to provide UN disaster relief with free VoIP Calling

The free routing of Google and Skype calls to the United Nations humanitarian workers across the world will undoubtedly significantly help in future crisis situations.

The decision by the world’s two leading VoIP networks to enable calling to +888 is a major step toward making global numbers a viable option for the world’s consumers and businesses. We hope this will lead to other networks opening up to the +888 and +883 ranges faster than expected.  Tell us which carriers and networks you would like to see iNum work on next.  While the ultimate goal is to make iNum reachable from everywhere, your input (and the overall iNum user demand) helps keep the iNum project focused on which carriers it should work on next.