New iNum Support Added!

iNum numbers are now reachable from KPN in The Netherlands! KPN is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in The Netherlands, offering wireline and wireless telephony, internet and TV to consumers, and end-to-end telecommunications and ICT services to business customers. iNum calling rates are listed on their site and while it is currently

+888 numbers now reachable via public ENUM

Voxbone has confirmed the official ENUM delegation in the ENUM database for the United Nations E.164 country code +888 numbering range. The UN numbering range +888 can now be called via SIP based on a query to the ENUM database.

The main benefit of ENUM telephone mapping for mobile operators and service providers that want to enable calling to the U.N. via the +888 number is to be reachable anywhere in the world with the same number – and via the best and cheapest route. Service providers will now be able to do a public ENUM query and then route the call to Voxbone. Voxbone will route the call on to the UN.

ENUM technology takes a phone number and allows it to be linked to IP routing information and published in the DNS system. The UN number range is now published in the ENUM database so a query by a service provider using ENUM can provide the SIP destination address for session routing.

For example you can check and you’ll find the following routing information for the UN +888 test number +888 00 00 01:

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