SMART Communications To Add iNum Routing

Thanks to some help from our local iNum Ambassador Kero in the Philippines, we are getting one step closer to having SMART Communications (wireless carrier) in the Philipines to implement the +883 country code for iNum direct calling.

This is still in the early developments, but as more and more carriers around the world are beginning to see who we are and what the benefits are for allowing their subscribers to call iNum numbers, we are seeing progress speeding up on the carrier side. No definite time line has been set by the company, but we are hopeful within the next couple months, they will begin routing iNum calls over their network.

If you are living in the Philippines and are a SMART Communications customer, feel free to send them an e mail to show you are also interested in making iNum calls from their network. Showing your support could only speed things up on their side.

Smart Communications is a wholly owned mobile phone and Internet service subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT).

On June 30, 2010 the company reported that it had over 45 million cellular subscribers.

Stay tuned for further iNum developments!

How To Fwd iNum calls to Skype on Windows Phone 7

By Stefan Dimitrov’s Space:

If you are looking for a way to make FREE calls to USA/Canada using GoogleVoice on Windows Phone, you have found the right guide. There are a few GoogleVoice clients for WindowsPhone, but none of them work over WiFi or 3G data. The only reliable VoIP app for WindowsPhone is Skype. This tutorial will show you how to make GoogleVoice calls using Skype and Voip99 on WindowsPhone.

This article will show you several service providers and tips and trick on how to make free calling with Google Voice, Skype and using your iNum number to place calls on your Windows Phone 7′s Wi-Fi connection. Click below to start making free iNum calls over Wifi today!