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We recently welcomed aboard Telecomax, the company behind Freeje is an application for mobile phones and smartphones that allows the subscriber to make cheap international calls. The application is supported by such popular platforms as the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Java Me. We did an interview with them to see if any of you would be interested in checking out their services (and now getting your iNum numbers through them as well).

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Telecomax was founded in 2006 as it is. We had spent a lot of time experimenting, exploring the market of voice services before creating the company. As soon as we realized that call offices are left behind we started to move forward. Our point of interest was call termination/voice origination.
At the time, people acknowledged all the benefits of tourist sim cards. The company begun to sell GSM-Travel packages. We created dealership system for proactive sales. The system included mobile telephony stores, electronic stores, travel agencies and private outlets. In the same time we were developing a service called virtual number.

How did you first get involved in your telecom industry?

The company promoter and founder Valery V. Kon has always been seeking for out-of-the-box solutions.
That’s why we have been toying around with equipment, creating own manufactured gateways and upgrading an ordinary billing systems for a long time.
We have been looking for IT innovations and have been trying to implement them into business as reasonable as possible. That made us one of the leaders of those who were interested in “cloud” services.
At the very beginning our business activity was focused on corporate clients. Our research brought to life the necessity in advertising and distance offices organization. After some time we have acknowledged the necessity of DID numbers for incoming calls.
In addition we have implemented intellectual treatment of incoming calls as IVR, call recording, creating internal lines and smart call forwarding.
In such a way a service had been created that can be considered as a cloud service.

What do you find most challenging about the working in the VoIP or PSTN industry today?

Improving the quality and expanding services of virtual office. With this challenge, we began to create dealership system. Of course there are difficulties. It can be divided into two groups – technical or organization problems and sales problems. The first one is familiar to any business area, it is lack of specialists and complicated legislation system etc.
The next serious difficulty is the absence of a universal payment system. In every country there is a system people are used to. It is PayPall for the USA, Alipay for China. In Japan JSB is the most used payment system. We are trying to twist and turn. Regarding sales the greatest deterrent is the fact that people are not ready to use new payment methods. We must to implement new ones and educate inhabitants how to use them. When there were no cell phones no one needed them. Today though, they appeared on the world arena, where even a five year old child has one. So we are going to teach our customers these new technologies of the future.

Tell me about some of the clients your company has helped through offering your services or now the iNum numbers?

A lot of our customers created successful business due to the our services.
Be it small or big business using our service leads to great saving and creates great competitive advantages.
Our customers that have benefited from our services are plants, logistic companies, on-line stores, air carriers, consular divisions, travel agencies, etc.
Cell phone and different applications are a must for them and iNum is seen as a big boost in this area. They pay bills, do shopping, surf through social networks and follow exchange prices using cell phone and linking these services through iNum numbers is an area we hope to develop further.

What is your company looking to expand into next?

Our market researchers are exploring new opportunities for China and Latin America.
Most of businesses, scientists, sportsmen, artists spend their daytime far away from home and are who we believe will be able to utilize cell phones, smartphone apps and the iNum platform to their advantage.

We have developed an application for cheap international calls called Freeje for iOS, Android and Blackberry.
With appropriate advertising we expected the growth of customers quantity, but there is no limit for development and continuous improvement. It satisfies the clients’ needs on reducing spending for international communication. But what about those people who travel all the time and changes SIM cards all the time? How can it be reached?
There is a solution even for such cases. INUM numbers . Once the application is downloaded the client can be the owner of non-geographical INUM number and become reachable for subscribers.

We don’t idealize our company with its products. All the time we are trying to modernize the system to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients. We are developing and the number of our clients grows day after day. Our team believes in success.

Most of our clients have built their business with the help of our services. A lot of them captured markets of different countries without big spending. No doubt that a virtual office is cheaper than real one. Due to the service of a virtual office, a lot of businessmen relocated their business to a cheaper region.

How does iNum compliment your services?

iNUM numbers became an all-in-one solution. To become the owner of non-geographical phone number client just have to set up the application. After that simple step, everyone can be reached in different countries at the same time.
Many of our clients have enlarged their client base as a result of our valve added service that the iNum benefit brings to everyone.

Thank you for your time.

If any iNum providers or end users are interested in contacting Freeje regarding iNum and their services, they can be reached at:

+44 20 302 62 072

+1 567 244 5678


How The United Nations +888 Code Could Help Hurricane Sandy Releif Efforts

In light of the recent natural disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy, I would like to share a possible example on how the +888 United Nations country code can help in times of crisis. Fortunately in the United States there are very effective local, state and federal agencies that can respond to the public needs. But in many other parts of the world the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) brings together humanitarian organizations to respond to emergencies and disasters.

When relief workers get to a scene where the fixed and mobile networks are down or non-existent, power may be limited or completely out of service, the organizations working under the coordination of the OCHA could quickly bring in and set up their own equipment with a mobile wi-fi network and hand out their own phones, smart phones or satellite phones to those workers. Teams would then be able to communicate with one another through IP based communications using the +888 country code. Since these numbers are IP-Based, you could say the +888 country code really belongs to the Internet and not tied to any one country or region. This tool will allow UN OCHA staff around the world to communicate with other relief workers, doctors, fire-fighters, medical professionals or others on the emergency response teams in the crisis zone. Wherever needed in the world, the +888 numbers will keep communication and relief efforts fast and effective.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been adversely affected by this devastating storm. Natural Disasters like Hurricane Sandy show why its important to have a robust global IP-Based communications system in place and ready to deploy for organizations such as the United Nations.

If you work with a service provider or carrier and would like to start supporting the +888 country code on your network on behalf of the United Nations and the global community, please contact us at

Together, with the cooperation of telecom providers around the world, we will make future natural disaster relief efforts faster and more effective.