WebRTC Expo and iNum

This week the WebRTC Expo is taking place in Atlanta, GA where attendees are learning about an exciting collection of technologies that promises to integrate voice, video and collaboration into any web-page. Speakers at the conference pointed to 20 million JavaScript capable programmers, vs. an estimated eight thousand SIP developers. Hence WebRTC will democratize web communication enabling the estimated one billion end points that are expected to support it. The WebRTC standard does not specify signaling methods. Developers can pick the one they feel best suits the application. Will this cause further fragmentation of communications into even smaller and less connectable islands?

What identifier will be used to connect Web-RTC endpoints? So far for peer to peer, it would appears to be an IP address. Will more permanent identity validation be provided by facebook login, email addresses, cookies or another other method? But why not an iNum number and map that to WebRTC identities so they can interact with the traditional telephony world? While traditional geographic DIDs can fill this objective, iNum numbers have the particular advantage for large scalable implementations since they are available for free. iNum was originally conceived as a bridge between the SIP and PSTN worlds, but can also perhaps play a similar role for the emerging WebRTC world.

At the WebRTC Expo, several hybrid SIP/PSTN/WebRTC services are on display, for example APIDAZE Labs demo’ed their API in action to create a WebRTC demo, including a PSTN DID (a local Atlanta number via iNum parent Voxbone) enabled conference room.

WebRTC developers are invited to experiment with free iNum numbers. Contact us to get yours today.

Zadarma.com routing iNUM numbers for Russian Telecom users.

Welcome aboard Zadarma to the growing list of service providers from Russia that route phone calls from iNum numbers.

Zadarma offers VoIP Services, IP-PBX, DIDs and free calling to a list of 25 countries posted on their site.

With IP-telephony (VoIP) from Zadarma project you will be always in touch and can call via Internet inside the country and abroad as well. Service is avaliable in any place of the world, you can use it on PC, IP-phone, mobile phone. Also available a free service to receive faxes via the Internet.


IP-PBX – this is office telephone station made with possibility to use the most modern telecommunication technologies. There is no need for buying telephone station equipment and neither laying new telephone lines nor telephone wires in office in order to install IP-PBX.

The Zadarma project again lives up to its name by offering more free services to its customers.

Check out their full list of services and info on their FAQ page at http://zadarma.com/en/faq/

Fastweb attaccata l’Italia alla rete INUM

Grazie al nostro ambasciatore INUM Angelo che ci ha portato a conoscenza che Fastweb, gestore di telefonia fissa/mobile ed internet a banda larga, supporta anche le chiamate INUM.

Chi è Fastweb. Si tratta di una società di telecomunicazioni italiana, una delle più importanti aziende italiane ed europee in che fornisce connessioni FTTH (Fiber To The Home), adsl e voce .

Oggi, Fastweb è interamente di proprietà della Swisscom , azienda di telecomunicazioni svizzera.

Noi supponiamo che, se Fastweb è interconnessa a Swisscom per la parte di telefonia, allora anche un utente Swisscom potrebbe essere anche in grado di chiamare direttamente i numeri iNum.

Potete verificarlo effettuando una chiamata di prova, basta comporre dal telefono fisso: 883 510 000 000 091. Si dovrebbe sentire l’echo test che certifica la connessione voce di alta qualità da parte di iNum.

Tutti gli abbonati Fastweb hanno le loro chiamate PSTN instradate sul VoIP, ricevendo tutte quelle funzionalità avanzate che ci si aspetterebbe da un provider VOIP moderno ed evoluto.

Fastweb è anche un provider di rete mobile attraverso la tecnologia MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) dal 2008. Tuttavia, il loro servizio mobile non è direttamente connesso con i numeri +883, in quanto la loro rete fisica è gestita da H3G.

Cercheremo di metterci in contatto con H3G e Fastweb per far si che supportino pienamente l’iNum anche per la parte mobile. Non appena avremo sviluppi in tal senso sarete aggiornati tramite il nostro profilo Facebook di INum o tramite il blog alla pagina http://www.inum.net/?page_id=72.

Speciale ringraziamento ad Angelo per aver portato alla nostra attenzione questa società.

Ringraziamo Fastweb e Swisscom, sempre all’avanguardia nelle telecomunicazioni, che credono nello sviluppo della telefonia Voip.

Se siete a conoscenza di altri provider di telefonia che gestiscono le chiamate verso la rete iNum e non sono elencate sul sito di inum.net, fatecelo sapere all’indirizzo inum@voxbone.com.

Inum Supports UN Disaster Relief Efforts and your VoIP Provider

In the recent wake of devastating natural disasters from Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha, many people are wondering how we can improve our humanitarian responses to such tragedies and natural disasters. Well, telecom enthusiasts can rest easy knowing that Voxbone has recently linked up with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), which is responsible for first humanitarian response, in an effort to benefit disaster relief operations. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) provided the United Nations with its very own global code number, and Voxbone has started an initiative to encourage carriers to support the UN number in an effort to promote a more efficient OCHA emergency response system.

How Does iNum Benefit OCHA?
Voxbone teamed up with OCHA to encourage carriers to implement global networks and to increase awareness surrounding the UN’s global number. With one global code (+888), the OCHA can now receive information and provide the necessary help where and when it’s needed regardless of the location of the crisis.

With the UN number, UN emergency personnel and responders can quickly and effectively set up their own mobile phone service in the disaster area. This is especially important when the area’s telecommunications network is out of service due to catastrophe. With iNum support, the UN numbers can be used in place of traditional telecom resources, and so is an ideal solution for large-scale temporary network outages. The UN number is supported by iNum’s network, and iNum is responsible for encouraging carriers to support the UN number program.

During a disaster, OCHA will provide the individual humanitarian agencies with a specific number for the area. Because this number will only be temporarily used until the area’s normal telephone service is restored, the numbers can be recycled and reused for future locations.

What Providers use iNum?
Voxbone and iNum are currently encouraging both VoIP and PSTN providers to include iNum in their services for free or at affordable rates. The goal is for every telephone service to eventually provide iNums and to route calls to iNums.

Skype and Google Talk have recently gained attention for including iNum in their services, as Google Talk is free of charge and Skype charges $0.02/minute. Several other VoIP providers have also jumped on board.

Residential VoIP and business VoIP providers like Phone Power, OnSIP, and Phone.com include iNum services for free in their plans. The beauty of VoIP is that because it transfers calls over the Internet, in theory, all of these iNum calls should be free.

When calls need to be transferred to the PSTN (maybe you are using a VoIP number, but you are calling your parents, who still have an analog telephone service) that’s where a nominal fee may occur.

In a day and age where we rely so heavily on communication, especially in the event of a natural disaster, it’s important that we have access to reliable telecommunication services. The iNum initiative in combination with VoIP providers offer us a way to recover from disasters outside of our control.

How you can get in on the goods with iNum
iNum is already available to everyone, even people who are not with a service provider that supports iNum. There are local area codes for each country that allow individuals to make calls with an international number.

But if you want to encourage Voxbone’s excellent work towards humanitarian aid, the best thing to do is to switch to a provider that supports iNum. Not only will you benefit from the international calling features of iNum, you will also be supporting a great cause.

Chloe Mulliner graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she majored in Media Arts and Design and minored in Writing Rhetoric and Technical Communication. She now writes content for My VoIP Provider.