Telegraph on Google’s global telecom network ambitions


A report in the UK paper the Telegraph claims that Google is in talks with Hutchison Whampoa to create a service for global mobile calling and roaming.

“It is understood that Google aims to create a global network that will cost the same to use for calls, texts and data no matter where a customer is located. “

Very similar to the long standing aims of iNum.  🙂

Sounds rather speculative at this stage.  But let’s hope if it develops perhaps Google will increase their support of iNum and Hutch might enable free calling to +883 5100 numbers, and issue iNum numbers to each user.

If the goal is to have a flat rate mobile calling experience regardless of where the customer is located, using a unique global number signals this clearly to dialers.

Meanwhile you don’t have to wait to get an iNum number from the service providers all ready on board, and experience free calling globally within the iNum community.

iNum lives!

Dear Friends and iNum supporters,

We had an outage last week that affected the iNum service. Since 2008, iNum has been an experimental service to provide a free number for IP communications and free calling federation between service providers.  It has been used for developers, families, businesses and is distributed through service providers, not by iNum directly. It has been completely free since day one.

iNum is a BHAG project.  Creating an Area code for Planet Earth is a huge opportunity and could be very disruptive. And its free!

Its challenging because most mobile and fixed operators will not let you call iNums for free or at the cost of a local call.   Although iNum provides several modes of direct free interconnect, as well as free or inexpensive indirect interconnect, most refuse to pass on this feature to their customers. Still we hope iNum will find the right partners and eventually support from voice and messaging partners.

But since iNum is free for qualified service providers, our parent company Voxbone also has less resources to devote to the project.  Voxbone is the world’s leading supplier of DIDs and SIP trunking to many of the world’s largest integrated telcos, cloud communications, API and contact center providers carrying billions of minutes of use on their private network.

We appreciate the support of those that have reached out to inquire about the outage – it shows that iNum is important for you and you want to work together to keep the project moving and growing.

Warm Regards,

iNum team

Viber and iNum

Viber, the mobile communications app used by more than 200 million people now supports outbound calling to iNum numbers, for FREE. Thanks Viber!


The future of Free Calling

Interesting post on the future of Free Calling by Andy Abramson.  With iNum numbers people would be free to call each other, regardless of platform. iNum numbers, federations and WebRTC can help to connect these islands of VoIP, even if they are continental in proportion. IP Communications providers like Skype, Google, Viber and Facebook/What’s App need to connect with each other to make calling really “free” . What do you think?