How To Use Clarolite (Soon with iNum)

Clarocom is now a direct supporter of iNum in Panama which means in the very near future, you should be able to call iNum direct from within Panama.  Clarocom is the country’s 2nd largest long distance carrier.  Also, Clarocom has their own VoIP softphone called Clarlite.


Free to download at

From to call from your PC at home or wherever in the world you are, you can:

– Call other ClaroLITE users completely free. And soon, Clarlite to iNum for free.
– Make calls to fixed landlines and cellular phones at spectacular rates.
– Receive calls at no cost for you, and it would only cost your friends and family the same as a local call!

ClaroLITE has local numbers in PANAMA, ARGENTINA, BRASIL, CHILE and PERU. Soon in many more countries.


Visit their site for more details.  We thank Clarocom for their support in adding +883 iNum calling capabilities.  Together, we look forward to helping all consumers with low or free cost VoIP and/or iNum calling.

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