SMS support: update on US and Canada

After introducing SMS support it seemed clear that we will need to work on an SMS reach list, in order to publicly display which wireless carriers support sending SMS to inum. We are now preparing this reach list, and it will soon be added to the inum website.

The UK is already well supported, with the three major wireless carriers (Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile) supporting SMS to iNum.

Here is the situation in the US and Canada as we currently know it:

  • Confirmed to be working are: T-Mobile (USA), Nextel (USA), Rogers (Canada)
  • Tested and not working for the moment: AT&T (USA), Telus (Canada)

We would love to get more feedback from users in the USA and Canada, especially for tests made from other carriers.

In order to test whether SMS (text messaging) works from your phone, please send a text message to +883 510 000 000 094 and include your email address in the body of the SMS. If the test is successful you will receive an email confirmation. If +883 510 000 000 094 does not work you can also try 011 883 510 000 000 094.

Thanks again for all the help in testing this.

UPDATE: in order to receive the email confirmation after you send the test SMS, your email address should be the first word in the body of the sms…

UPDATE 2: successfully tested from Bell Mobility and Fido (both in Canada) as well !

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