What is iNum?

iNum stands for international Number. It is a new kind of global phone number for a new kind of world — a world with a new geography that’s about local presence and global relationships, not about distance or national borders.

iNum is making use of the +883 global country code created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union).

Voxbone, with deep expertise in VoIP and telephone numbers,  was assigned +883 5100 in 2008 and started the iNum Initiative which maintains the SIP and administrative infrastructure to enable this global number range for IP Communications.

One number, worldwide

Traditional phone numbers are tied to a particular country, or even a particular city, so when you move to another country you need to get a new number from a new supplier.  iNum numbers however do not have this limitation and you can therefore keep your iNum wherever you go in the world.

One number for multiple services

iNum initially supports voice and SMS, but it will soon support more services. Stay tuned!

Who can call my iNum?

iNums are reachable from a growing list of networks. Eventually iNums will be reachable from any network worldwide just as any other ‘real’ phone number.

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