Get involved

As a service provider

If you represent an NGO, enterprise or service provider and would like apply to obtain an allocation of iNum numbers and provide SIP calling to iNum and +888 numbers for your customers/subscribers/users, please complete this online application.

As a voice carrier

Carriers can interconnect directly with iNum Initiative via SIP to route calls to iNum and UN +888 as part of A-Z termination offers

As an ambassador

We invite iNum fans who would like to contribute to the project to act as “iNum Ambassadors”. What kinds of things does an iNum Ambassador do?

  • Checks reachability for voice and SMS to iNum via your own local service providers (and when roaming.)
  • Contacts your local operators and diplomatically asks them to support iNum calling. The following template can be used to request carrier departments to open access to iNum numbers.
  • Beta tests new features