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August 7, 2013 WebRTC Technology may be just what iNum Needs to go mainstream

By Dele Olajide –

November 8, 2012 Iristel first Canadian CLEC to offer global toll-free iNum phone numbers
By Iristel Inc.
October 25, 2012 United Nations Teams up with Voxbone on the iNum +883/+888 Network…
By Jeff at VoIP DIY
October 15, 2012 Free iNum Calling From Dell Voice/Fongo
By Jeff at VoIP DIY
September 21, 2012 Better Communication Saves Lives. You Can Help
By Dries Plasman
July 31, 2012 iNum DID – The International Phone Number
By Robert Pepper
July 30, 2012 FREE iNum VoIP Number
July 12, 2012 How to use iNum with Google Talk
By Alok Saboo
July 12, 2012 iNum Nets Global Presence
By Matt Brunk
June 21, 2012 The Rise of the iNum (international Number)
By Tina Houle’s blog
May 30, 2012 V-Global Offers Free Worldwide Voice and Video Calls to iNums
By VoipMonitor
May 8, 2012 Google, Skype, Voxbone give free VoIP for UN disaster relief
By Intercomms International Communications Project
May 7, 2012 Spout Joins Voxbone’s iNum Network for Global VoIP Calling
By Intercomms International Communications Project
March 30, 2012 VoIPdito Joins Voxbone’s Global iNum Network, Giving a World of Options to Businesses Everywhere
By VoIPdito Hosted PBX
March 4, 2012 Call iNums (+883) via Google Voice Chat in Gmail
By Jeff – VoIPDIY
February 27, 2012 The Perfect Threesome: iNum + + Google Voice
By Nerd Vittles – Ward Mundy
February 21, 2012 iNum now offers Costa Rican Direct Access Number!
By Colin @ iNum
February 16, 2012 A successful combination of Skype, SIP & iNum
February 9, 2012 Get incoming SMS on your iNum via e-mail
By Speap
February 9, 2012 How Russians can help the iNum initivate
May 26, 2011 Voxbone to work with United Nations to deploy new 888 country code for disaster relief efforts
By Disruptive Telephony
May 25, 2011 UN selects Voxbone for unique country code for humanitarian agencies
By Total Telecom
May 24, 2011 The UN gets a country (code)
By Alec Saunders
November 30, 2010 ippi to give all customers inum numbers from Voxbone
By VoIP Monitor
November 30, 2010 Free inum phone numbers for subscribers of ippi
By Nadeem’s Voice Over IP Blog
November 30, 2010 ippi Expands Free VoIP Calling with Voxbone’s Help
By von-xchange
July 21, 2010 VoxOx Goes Nationwide, Worldwide with Low-Cost Phone Numbers
By Adam Stone
May 25, 2010 Rebtel’s new iPhone app brings one-click dialing to VoxBone’s iNum numbers
By Gail Chiasson
Apr 22, 2010 Carriers agree to route calls to iNum numbers
By Mike Dolan – FierceVoIP
February 15, 2010 Voxbone Adds Texts Over iNum
By Richard Martin – XChange
January 19, 2010 Paving the Way for VoIP Cloud Connectivity
By Hunter Newby
January 14, 2010 Voxbone Rides Globalization Trend; Reports Outstanding Results
By Alec Saunders
January 2, 2010 Top 10 HD Voice companies
By Doug Mohney
Dec 29, 2009 The Top 25 VoIP Advances of 2009
By Robert Poe
Dec 13, 2009 iNum and Pair Up for Small Businesses
By Nadeem Unuth –
October 27, 2009 Global Phone Number Provider iNum Brings HD Voice Calling To Skype
By Robin Wauters – TechCrunch
October 27, 2009 Voxbone announces iNum SILK support, transcoding of SILK to G.722
By Doug Mohney – HD voice news
September 18, 2009 iNum offers HD VoIP
By Alan Harten – VoIP News
September 18, 2009 iNum Goes Wideband
By Ted Stevenson – VoIP Planet
September 15, 2009 Voxbone’s iNum Numbers Get HD Voice
By Bob Emmerson – TMCnet
September 15, 2009 High Def transport, and the HD codec war
By Phil Wolff – Skype Journal
September 14, 2009 Voxbone’s iNum Service Connects Islands of HD Voice
By Robert Poe – VoIP Evolution
September 5, 2009 Burning Man Gets Its Own Country Code (Almost)
By Jim Courtney – Voice on the Web
September 1, 2009 OpenSource Meets GSM at the Burning Man
By Alec Saunders
August 31, 2009 Voxbone Provides iNums to Burning Man Attendees
By Robert Poe – VoIP Evolution
August 28, 2009 Survey: People Want Phone Number for Life
By Ted Stevenson – VoIP Planet
August 25, 2009 The Cost of Changing Your Phone Number
By Gary Kim – TMCNet
August 24, 2009 Change your phone number and lose your friends
By Nadeem Unuth –
August 24, 2009 iNums: Staying in Touch While Changing Phone Numbers 20 Times
By Robert Poe – VoIP Evolution
April 11, 2009 HowTo: iNum
By Rykel
March 6, 2009 Voxbone’s iNum Creates Global Presence, Unlimited Interoperability
By Voxilla – Lonnie Lazar
March 3, 2009 Get yourself an international phone number +883 and let friends reach you anywhere
By Avec Mobile
December 23, 2008 The Top 25 VoIP Innovations of 2008
By Voip News – Robert Poe
November 30, 2008 iNum – A Worldwide Phone Number To Ring Your Phone Anywhere You Are
By – Nadeem Unuth
November 27, 2008 iNum, the first global phone number
By Mobile Industry Review – Jonathan Jensen
November 14, 2008 Internet Gets Its Own Country Code
By VoIP Planet – Adam Stone
November 12, 2008 Area Codes Are Dead – Thank VoIP
By Gigaom – Jim Courtney
November 12, 2008 Voxbone announces iNum: the Internet’s first global ‘country code’
By Telegeography
November 11, 2008 Voxbone rolls out first iNum service
By Alec Saunders
November 11, 2008 Voxbone announces iNum 883 country code
By FierceVoIP – Doug Mohney
November 11, 2008 How to get an iNum – a global phone number
By Voxeo Talks – Dan York
November 11, 2008 Voxbone’s iNum: Think Globally, Dial Locally
By Xchange magazine
March 30, 2008 Finally an own country code for VoIP, as I always wanted
By Markus Gobel
March 24, 2008 Creating A Country Called VoIP
By Robert Poe – VoIP-News