What are the benefits

What are the benefits for communications providers joining the iNum Community?

iNum bridges isolated networks together: internet telephony networks, social networks, the traditional telephone network, gaming platforms and more.

iNum combines the strengths of a e.164 telephone number with those of a SIP address. An ITU approved, standard format telephone number that can supports advanced communication services such as HD voice, video and presence.

Because it is a supernational phone number, iNum does not belong to any one country’s numbering plan.  The goal of iNum is to enable it as a free or local call from all countries: a phone number for planet Earth.

Today, iNum enables free calling within a federation of service providers.  Any participating iNum service provider offers free calling to the iNums of all other iNum service providers.

When outside those networks, people can call iNums via participating OTT, mobile and fixed networks, as well as an international list of PSTN access numbers.